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Consultant diabetes specialist position, permanent or temporary, in a new or established public or private health care system or educational institution, specializing in the design of educational and clinical programs to improve the management and treatment outcomes of juvenile and adult diabetes mellitus at the local or national level; or, to serve as consultant or medical school faculty to develop an advanced national or local diabetes training program for physicians, nurses, and diabetes educators in Dubai, United Arab Emirates 

Multicultural, trilingual senior level diabetes health care provider and educator, with background as Senior Executive and international management and consulting experience in quality improvement, administration, organizational design, training, business strategy, client service, and electronic communication.  International experience as Certified Diabetes Educator and organizational and management consultant in both public and private sectors.

  • Enable parents and children, adolescents, and adults with diabetes mellitus to successfully reduce and maintain blood glucose and weight at safe levels
  • Specialist (Certified Diabetes Educator and Clinical Psychologist) in diabetes mellitus and insulin therapy, with pediatric, adolescent, and adult populations
  • 8 years of experience with education and clinical treatment of adults with type 2 diabetes mellitus
  • Expert in educating patients with diabetes and their physicians about innovative and effective ways to produce normal or near-normal glycemic control
  • Researching, writing, editing, and delivering educational articles on clinical diabetes management, to both patients and physicians, in print and digital (internet) forms
  • Design individual treatment plans, including medication, dietary, and exercise elements, to enable physicians and patients to achieve excellent glycemic control
  • International experience in providing written and oral clinical diabetes education and training to internal medicine, endocrinology, and nursing professionals
  • Director of annual camps for children and adolescents (and their parents) with type 1 diabetes (2004 – present)
  • Author and manager of 3 high-quality websites related solely to diabetes education and clinical treatment for the professional and the patient
  • Faculty member for diplomate in diabetes education (4 years)
  • International experience with organizational and management consultancy in both public and private sectors (1982 – 2011)
  • Define problems, manage change, and introduce innovations at various organizational levels
  • Produced profits and balanced budget in 100% of projects for the last 12 years
  • Reduced administrative costs of institution by 40% in 2 months
  • Successfully guided major leadership turnover and transitions in 6 institutions
  • Fully computer literate, including electronic medical records
Goals and Philosophy that I bring to my work roles


2003 - present: Independent practice, México, Distrito Federal

  • Diabetologic education and training of internal medicine and endocrinology residents and staff and nursing professionals
  • Clinical care of children, adolescents, and adults who have diabetes mellitus, to safely produce above-average blood glucose control
  • Design individual treatment plans, including medication, dietary, and exercise elements, to enable patients to achieve excellent glycemic control
  • Specialist in type 1 diabetes mellitus and insulin therapy, with pediatric and adult populations
  • Author of written communications on clinical diabetes management, for both patients and medical professionals
  • Manage international electronic forum for public with diabetes mellitus, type 1 and type 2 (www.ventajas.com) 
  • Direct annual camps for children and adolescents (and their parents) with type 1 diabetes mellitus
1982 - 2001: Consultant to managers and management teams: USA, México, Central America, France, East Africa
  • International management consulting in quality improvement, administration, organizational design, business strategy, client service, and electronic communication, in both public and private sectors
  • Faculty member/mentor for training 260+ international managers in organizational leadership and consultation
  • Working with management teams to:
    • Define problems, manage institutional transformation, introduce innovations in operations
    • Streamline administrative procedures, reduce costs, waste, corruption, and inefficiency
2001: Grupo Coditel, private telecommunication companies: Naucalpan, México
  • Re-organize and simplify administrative processes
  • Development of one new product and two new services in five months
  • Define human resource needs
  • Education of workforce in commercial finances and general business functions
2000 - 2001: Grupo Teledata, private telecommunications companies: México
  • Develop business plan and define organizational structures and job descriptions
  • Consult to the Managing Director and the directors of three related subsidiaries
  • Oversee finances, contracts, company valuations, job descriptions, salaries, marketing, strategic planning
  • Design innovations to resolve bottlenecks and streamline operactions
  • Change management
  • Evaluation of employees and of training and retention initiatives
1999 - 2000: Azulejos Clothing Company, design and manufacture of quality casual clothing for young women: México
  • Direct start-up of company
  • Full profit and loss responsibility
1996 - 2004: Advantages, Inc., marketing support to telecommunications, automobile, and furniture retailers and
Internet web page design: New Orleans, Louisiana
  • Customize and install Internet advertising technology
  • Increase number of products marketed from 1 to 6
1986 – 1996: International Forum for Social Innovation seminars: Authority, Leadership, and Transformation in Organizations: USA, France, México
  • Full profit and loss responsibility (strategy, budget, finance, accounting, training, and marketing)
  • Spent 50% less than comparable institutions, without reductions in quality
  • Produced earnings and balanced budget in 100% of these projects
  • Developed educational programs for 200+ professional managers
  • Recruited and directed 44 international management team members
  • Supervised service for clients from 19+ nations, resolving all complaints
  • Evaluated candidates for staff and management positions
CONSULTANT to U. S. Department of Veterans Affairs Hospital System
1995 - 1996: Chicago, Illinois
  • Clarify lines of accountability for services to 3500+ clients
  • Re-open communications between two divisions having over 2000 employees
  • Repair chaos caused by 2 key leaders' sudden departure
CONSULTANT to International Transport Workers Federation Division
1992 - 1995: New Orleans, Louisiana
  • Prepare personnel for leadership succession and coordinate transition to a new director, without interruption of client service
  • Establish timely internal communications and the security of computer information systems as organizational aims
Pro Bono CONSULTANT to Federal Government, Moçambique  (pop. 13,000,000)
1991 - 1992: East Africa
  • Chart avenues for political and economic stability in post-civil-war period
  • Survey national needs in education, agriculture, transportation, tax and tariff policies, tourism, immigration, export requirement
  • Rank the 3 most desirable exports and outline optimal strategies and marketing tactics
CONSULTANT to Mexican Institute of Water Technology, Secretary of Agriculture and Hydraulic Resources
1988: Cuernavaca, México
  • Advisor to meetings for planning and development of agency's 6-year goals
  • Diagnose intra-agency tensions and provide resolution strategies
Other consulting clients
1996 - 1997: Mississippi Consortium for International Development; 1994 - 1998: American-Arab Anti-discrimination Committee, national and state presidents


Fluent in speaking, reading, and writing Spanish (100%), English (100%), French (100%), and Arabic (15%)

Ph.D. Doctorate Georgia State University Atlanta, Georgia, USA 1976
MA Masters Georgia State University Atlanta, Georgia, USA 1974
BA Bachelors Washington University St. Louis, Missouri, USA 1972


Phi Beta Kappa (1972 - present)


United States
Management of diabetes mellitus, type 1 and type 2 (more than 50 professional articles and international presentations) 2003 -
Psychological and socioclinical aspects of the treatment of diabetes mellitus 2011
The Big Fat Fiasco: Lipid metabolism (co-author) 2011
International diabetic education: The management of normoglycemia by children, adolescents, adults, and pediatricians 2010
Re-thinking glucose management at diabetes camps: Challenging questions and difficult decisions 2010
The role of values in organizational and institutional consultation 2010
Inquiry and analysis of society and its institutions: Understanding and effectively leading "resurgence" in our tumultuous world 2010
Workshop on insulin treatment of diabetes mellitus, types 1 and 2 2010
Gestational diabetes mellitus: Risks and remedies 2010
The role of philosophy and conscious and unconscious assumptions in treating diabetes mellitus 2010
Controlling diabetic hyperglycemia through reduction in dietary carbohydrates 2009
The most effective insulin therapies and food plans for the treatment of diabetes mellitus, types 1 and 2 2009
The health care professional's initial approach to the person with diabetes mellitus, types 1 or 2 2009
A pilot study to stabilize normoglycemia during an educational camp for children and adolescents with type 1 diabetes mellitus 2009
Children with type 1 diabetes mellitus: Reflections on the safety of the traditionally recommended glycemic targets and those currently feasible 2009
What are typical or "normal" fasting blood glucose levels in nonobese Mexican children between 1 and 5 years of age, who do not have diabetes mellitus 2008
"You can’t push the river": Self-directed education at diabetes camp 2008
Type 1 diabetes mellitus: Analysis of glycemic patterns as a way to optimize doses of basal and prandial insulina analogues 2008
Type 1 diabetes mellitus: Guide for initiating basal/bolus insulin therapy with human insulin analogues 2008
Type 1.5 diabetes mellitus 2008
Home self-monitoring of blood glucose for persons who have diabetes mellitus 2008
Putative genetic and environmental causes of type 1A diabetes mellitus, type 1A 2007
Journies toward responsibility: Adolescents and diabetologic learning 2006
Normal blood glucose levels in types 1 and 2 diabetes mellitus: Why and how to achieve and measure them 2006
Hypoglycemia: Bring it back to normal the correct way 2005
The growing epidemic of diabetes mellitus: Public health problem for México and the world 2004
Selection and use of the home glucose meter in the prevention of acute and chronic diabetic complications 2004
Acceptance of the diagnosis of type 1 diabetes mellitus: Analysis, impediments, and making it easier 2003
Shared management and the director's role 2000
The manager's role in the postmodern epoch 1998
Organizational transformation 1998
Influences in the company - union relationship 1997
The basic function of the organization (principal author) 1996
Incompetence: Individual or system defect? 1993
The manager's education: The Tavistock model 1990
Study group consultancy: Elements of the task  (book) 1988

Many of these articles are found on the Internet.

OTHER PROFESSIONAL ACTIVITIES (Complete listing of recent training and presentations here)
2003 – 2013: International Associated Faculty, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th Programs in Leading Consultation, France/England
2004 - 2012: Director and Co-founder, International Campamento Diabetes Safari, México, Distrito Federal  www.diabetes-safari.com
x 2003 – vii 2004: Diplomate in Diabetes Education, Mexican Diabetes Federation and Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Mexico, México
2001 – 2003: President, Praxis International Network of Organizational and Business Consultants, Paris, France
1999 to present: Member, Praxis International Network of Organizational and Business Consultants, Paris, France



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